Mix or Match Your Metals?

Remember when matching your belt with your shoes was a fashion rule….never to be broken?  And how about not wearing white after Labor Day?  Thankfully creating your own fashion rules is now the trend and whatever makes you feel confident and amazing is the right answer.

That brings me to mixing or matching metals within your ensemble.  You know….should your earrings and bracelet match your belt and bag strap?  If you are like me, the answer is yes…..always.  But I admire so many fashionistas who love to wear silver earrings with a gold belt or gunmetal bracelets with a bag that has gold accents.

Gus and Violet gives you all of these options.  For people like me who like to streamline their metals, you can switch up the hardware on your belt and handbag to match your jewelry. But if mixing your metals is your jam….go ahead.  Create your own combo.  There is even the stunning Bee belt buckle with silver AND gold for those who are on the fence or who have commitment issues….you know who you are.

There are a few metal combo guidelines that The Knot lays out perfectly pointing out that “Cooler undertones like blue and green work best with cooler metals like silver, while warmer shades like pink or purple pair well with gold. So even though a pink dress comes with silver embellishments, gold accessories still look right.”


They also encourage you to mix the metals more than once to say to the world, yes, I meant to do this!!  It’s all about mixing and matching (or just matching in my case) to make the fashion statement you are going for.

The interchangeable hardware from Gus & Violet also allows you to keep up with what is on trend.  I mean, I cannot keep track because no one seems to agree and trends change on a dime.   According to The Zoe Report, mixing metals is all the rage for 2022 but according to Cosmo, “silver is having a comeback (and can be an edgier alternative to gold jewelry)”.

Okay, that’s confusing!  You truly can have it all with Gus & Violet interchangeable hardware and accessories for belts and bags to meet the trends, vibe with your mood or just simply to match your earrings.