The French Tuck

When Tan Franz from Queer Eye talks about a trendy look that will “balance your proportions, making your legs look longer and leaner” I am all ears.  He is speaking about the “French Tuck”.  This fashionable style refers to a half tuck of your shirt into your pants, jeans, skirt or shorts with the front tucked in and the back of your top flowing loosely.  Also referred to as the mullet of fashion: “business in the front and party in the back”--this flattering look also gives you a chance to highlight your fabulous belt buckle from Gus & Violet.

The French Tuck can be spotted on runways worldwide including Louis Vuitton’s runway show, exhibiting its capability to vary from casual to couture. Even Oprah Winfrey is hopping on the French Tuck train raving about the “half in half out” look that she had never seen before while admiring an outfit backstage at the Women in the World event noting that she loves that it shows off the belt. If it gets the Oprah seal of approval, you gotta do the French Tuck.


This look works with skirts, jeans, slacks, “Daisy Dukes”--you name it.  Just tuck in your t-shirt, dress shirt or oversized sweater and bada bing….your look just came together.  The French Tuck instantly takes your outfit from sloppy and baggy to chic and slimming…..easy as that.


French Tuck


Olivia Wilde rocks a classic French tuck, with only the front of her graphic tee tucked into her jeans to provide an elevated t-shirt and jeans look. This look would be so much more complete with a fabulous gunmetal knot belt buckle and patent strap from Gus & Violet.


French Tuck

Gigi Hadid, supermodel and fashion icon, elegantly tucks only one side of her button down into her blue jeans, and we all want to emulate her looks, am I right?!? 


And the always adorable Selena Gomez rocks the one side French Tuck as well to make a subtle fashion statement that will flatter everyone.

So there you have it, The French Tuck is in and will stay in with its massive versatility and flattering style. With the ability to mix and match, dress it up or dress it down, the French Tuck is the classic style that requires minimal effort for a stylish look! Make sure to complete the look with the ultimate accessory–a collection of interchangeable belt buckles with our reversible belt strap from Gus & Violet.