Ostrich Feather Obsession

Join the ostrich feather mania by adding an ostrich feather handbag from Gus & Violet to your wardrobe. Ostrich feathers have become an obsession in the fashion world, seen on red carpets, worn by influencers, rocked by musicians, outfitted on Bravo Housewives and even adorned on shoes and of course our favorite, ostrich feather handbags. 

Gus & Violet brings this fashion trend to the mainstream with nude and black ostrich feather handbags in the $100 range instead of the pricey Givenchy version for $3,850 or the glam Valentino ostrich feather purse which will run you over $5,000.  

You might think that these handbags are just for a glamorous evening event, but paired with jeans and a t-shirt this chic look will up your everyday style. Ostrich feathers are beginning to make appearances on various streetwear looks, including crop tops, shoes and our favorite accessory–handbags.. 

Although ostrich feathers are all the rage in today’s fashion, this elegant look isn’t new.  In Europe, feathers first became common as a hat decoration in the early 14th century. During the 16th century, hats adorned with ostrich feathers were in demand by those wealthy enough to purchase them in the fashion centers of Europe: Paris, Vienna, Florence and Prague. 

In the past few years, ostrich feathers have been seen on the most fashionable of celebs, rocking this feather look from casual to couture.



Kylie and Kendall Jenner were seen rocking boldly colored, highly adorned dresses accentuated with thousands of ostrich feathers. Their looks were designed personally by Donatella Versace, and there is no question they were the center of attention at the 2019 Met Gala, starting the rise of ostrich feather obsessions. Several magazines even crowned them best dressed



Allyson Felix, U.S. track and field 11-time Olympic medalist hung up her running shoes for a beautiful Fendi gown with hundreds of thousands of ostrich feathers at the Met Gala.



20 year old social media influencer Dixie D’Amelio who has amassed 57 million followers on her TikTok platform rocked an exuberant ostrich feather hat to her first Met Gala attendance. 



Lupita Nyong’o dazzled folks at the Oscars with her vibrant white ostrich feather dress, looking absolutely as stunning as ever. 


Celine Dion pairs a pink ostrich feather crop top with her fluffy pink shoes and a pair of jeans for the perfect brunch outing. 


Singer and designer of Fenty, Rihanna rocks white ostrich feather boots designed by Saint Laurent. 



Hailey Baldwin, supermodel and fashion icon, rocked Brother Vellies ostrich feather shoes to the Council of Fashion Designers Award show. Safe to say ostrich feathers are perfectly trending with the fashion world to be featured at this event.